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Auto-Mute System
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Television Commercials Auto-Mute System

Television Commercials
Auto-Mute System

  • Are you annoyed with TV commercials? Does the ridiculously loud volume
    have you scrambling for the remote control mute button?
  • The MM-1 auto-mute system will automatically mute most TV commercials.
    However, due to variations in TV programming some commercials
    may not be automatically muted or may have delayed muting.
    The un-mutes are about 50% accurate, usually a few seconds late
    or early and you might miss a word or two. If you want to listen to
    a commercial, just press the mute button on your TV remote. The auto-mute system
    mutes with 95% - 98% accuracy; If you want a way to automatically silence
    the barrage of TV commercials, help is on the way!
  • Works with TV reception or Digital Video Recorders
  • Connecting and setting up the auto-mute system is simple and straightforward.

  • There are no codes to enter, or switches to set. Once setup, no changes
    are necessary unless the unit is moved to a different TV.
  • Great Holliday gift for family & friends!

  • MM-1 TV Commercials Auto-Mute System for $69.95
    • The auto-mute system includes:
    • MM-1 auto-mute control
    • Power supply: 5 VDC
    • IR cable
    • MIC cable
    • Video cable
    • Manufacturer's Installation & operating instructions
    • Manufacturer's Warranty: 1 yr.

    • Auto-Mute MM-1 (Quick Install Instructions)
    • For Clarification: Remote refers to the Remote unit you use to mute the audio.
      TV refers to the unit being muted, be it your TV, your Sound System, your DVR or your Set Top box.

    • 1. Place MM-1 close to your TV (LED end visible and LEDs on the left). Ideally, the MM-1 box
      should be placed very near to the TV to be muted to ensure that all remote commands to the TV are visible to the MM-1 Box.
    • 2. Connect the IR Diode, the Microphone, and Video cable to MM-1. Note: Do not velcro the IR Diode or Microphone in place yet.
    • 3. With your Remote in hand, Apply power to MM-1, the Upper LED will begin to flash.
    • 4. Point your Remote at MM-1 and press the MUTE Button. The LEDS will begin a sequence (Upper, Lower, Both).
    • 5. Position the IR Diode near the IR Receiver on your TV; this is usually a small round window, or dark plastic area on the lower front. The IR Diode is positioned correctly when your TV mutes and un-mutes every two seconds. When you are satisfied, fasten the IR Diode in place with one of the Velcro dots provided. NOTE: Place the velcro on the flat side of the IR diode.
    • 6. Press your MUTE Button when Both LEDS are ON to end the IR test.
    • 7. Place the microphone in front of a speaker that will be muted, be sure it is pointing directly at the speaker.
    • 8. With the TV un-muted, you should see the LEDS flashing with the sound. When you have maximum LED activity, fasten the microphone in place. NOTE: Place the velcro on the cable close to the mic, not on the mic.
    • 9. Now mute the Audio; in a second or two, the bottom LED will light and the unit will listen for silence for about 4 seconds. If silence is detected, and Video is present, both LEDS will light indicating the unit is in the Active Operating Mode.
    • 10. If no video is detected at this point, the LEDS will flash continuously in a four blink patterns until video is detected.
    • Note: To disable MM-1, hold MUTE until Both LEDS are off. To re-enable MM-1 hold MUTE until Both LEDS are on.
    • Disclaimer: MM-1 is not 100 % reliable at detecting Commercials, and this should be understood prior to purchasing this product.
    • Return Policy: If you are not satisfied with the MM-1 Auto-Mute system, Warren Security systems, Inc. will refund the purchase price, less shipping and handling, for returns received within 15 days of the original ship date with proof of purchase. MM-1 must be returned with all original accesories in the original container. MM-1 must be in re-sellable condition and any evidence of tampering will void this refund policy.

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